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Seven Ways to Make Your Small Business Appear Larger When it comes to our customers and clients, perception is everything, and looking BIG can make you a fortune. However, we all know you do not need to be big to succeed, but looking big can and will give you an edge in many situations. So, how does a small business create the illusion of being a BIG business? Also…is it…

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When People Say This About Home Business

It drives me nuts when I hear these statements from people, either in home business or talking about home business. I love this industry. It’s blessed me with amazing friends, a fantastic income, complete freedom and access to some of the best products on the planet. But here’s the problem with some of the lingo and what I think when someone says it: 1. “I’m too busy making money.” –…

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Wake Up Now Out Of Business?

When companies go under like Wake Up Now #WUN it sucks…for everyone. I’ve been through it…I watched my $100K a month income disappear into nothing. Not with #WakeUpNow, but in another venture. It sucks for the distributors who are left trying to piece it all together. There’s a lot of finger-pointing that happens, and it leaves people feeling betrayed, disappointed and confused. These are REALLY good people with families, lives…

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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

social media marketing

If you’re not convinced that social media marketing is vital for your business, you should be. Over 71% of online users use some form of social media from Facebook (most popular) to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Linked In. What’s the buzz with Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing is vital for expansion. It’s the modern way of creating a “warm market”, relationship building, creating buzz about your brand, sharing testimonials…

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What To Do When You’ve Got Puke On Your Face

Yes, you read that right. This is a story about what to do when you’ve got puke on your face. No, it’s not a story about a night of crazed debauchery…quite the opposite. You see yesterday was a much looked-forward to, much-needed “mommy day”. It’s a day all for me. A day when my husband takes my daughter for “daddy & daughter” adventures, giving me time to catch up on…

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Today is the Day

I read a great quote today that said: “If today was your last day here, would you be excited about how you are going to spend it? If you answered ‘no’, then do something different.” It made me think about the balance of responsibility and enjoyment. So many folks these days spend all their time running on a wheel of responsibility and apathy. They work jobs they don’t enjoy to…

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When a company changes their comp plan so you make less money you know there’s trouble in paradise. No matter how “hyped up” a “beneficial pay cut” is, it’s not beneficial to you in any way, shape or form. I just got word that a company made broad changes to their comp plan resulting in a 30% reduction in the members on-going residual income. This followed a comp plan change…

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What’s Hidden That You Can See?

what is your company hiding

I just got off the phone with a leader in the home business industry and we had a pretty amazing conversation.  (Although it didn’t go anywhere near how he would have planned it to go…)  His intention was to pretty much “sell” me on his opportunity.  I followed Tim Sale’s Inviting Formula that my entire team uses (Tim & I work together) and  this is what happened..  First, I listened…  I listened whole-heartedly to what…

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How to Be More Successful in Any Endeavor


If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, stop whatever you are doing right now and order it, get it on Kindle or drive to your local bookstore and get it now. –>> THIS BOOK WAS THE CATALYST TO ME JUMPING FROM $26K A YEAR AS A TEACHER TO OVER $100K A MONTH IN HOME BUSINESS.<<–  In it, Hill lays out the “secret” that successful people know that…

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MLM Coaching: Getting More Yeses

mlm coaching that works

Who doesn’t want more “Yeses” in their business? Wouldn’t you like more people to say “YES!” to your product? Would you love more people to say “YES!” to joining your MLM organization? Of course you would! That’s what is going to get you to your goals even faster. Well…there’s very simple strategies you can use to hear YES! more often. An MLM Coaching Secret to Reach Yes Faster If you’re…

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Porn, Hacks and Weight Loss


Who would have ever guessed that pornagraphers lack integrity? I made a recent post on Facebook inviting women to participate in the Women’s Summer Slim Down. We’re coming together to melt away 30 pounds of body fat by summer…it’s a pretty amazing program and I’m tossing in my coaching for free to help everyone get the maximum results. I call it the “Spring Cleaning of Mind and Body”. I posted…

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How Tim Sales Rocked The Network Marketing Industry

To say that Tim Sales is a “legend” in the network marketing industry would be…well.. a bit of an understatement. He’s been a beacon of inspiration in the industry since 1989. To date he’s the only guy in Network Marketing that Larry King has called upon to refute the naysayers of our booming industry. And his recent announcement has rocked the industry to it’s core…(video below) From the Navy to…

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